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Karin Twohig
United States

Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
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Born in Weingarten, Germany, Karin moved to the United States in 1978 to pursue a career in the healing arts. She became a state certified Massage Therapist in 1981 and has studied and practiced multiple modalities ever since.

Karin travels internationally to teach the Bowen Technique. She is the owner of the Bowenwork School which has teaching arms in Carmel, California, the Hawaiian Islands and Italy. In addition to her Bowenwork School she sees clients at her Bowenwork Center in Carmel, California.

Her warmth and sense of humor is coupled with a communication style that makes learning fun and informative while maintaining a high level of professionalism. She strives to accommodate every student’s learning style and ability which creates an atmosphere of ease and focus. Her enthusiasm for the work is underpinned by her drive to help people effect deep and significant shifts in their lives.

Karin’s mission is to support every student in accomplishing their goals, whether it is to help their family and friends or to start a new career in the healing arts. They may want to change their current healing modality to prevent overuse injuries, or add to their already existing practice modality, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, traditional medicine, naturopathic health and nutrition.

Karin is dedicated to teaching more people to help themselves and others through the power of the Bowen Technique.

Karin's experience includes:

Massage Therapist in private practice in Carmel, CA since 1981

Bowen Therapist in private practice in Carmel, CA since 1995

Bowen Instructor for the Academy of Australia since 2000

Karin's training includes:

Bowen Technique Instructor, Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, 2000

Process Inquiry Training, Group Level, Institute for Life Energy, Sherman Oaks, CA, 1998

Process Inquiry Training, Practitioner Level, Institute for Life Energy, Sherman Oaks, CA, 1997

Bowen Therapy Practitioner, Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, 1995

Neuro Muscular Restructuring, Santa Cruz, 1992

Polarity Technique, Monterey Center of Natural Therapeutics, 1981

Licensed Massage Technician, State of California, Heartwood Holistic Health Institute, Santa Cruz, 1981

Karin also teaches at her BowenWork School & Center in Carmel, California.

She teaches regularly in the Hawaiian Islands and will also travel to teach other places.