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My name is Camelia Pop and I am a qualified Bowen Practitioner. Let me give you some insight on what inspired me to focus my energy and learn about Bowen.

A number of years ago I had made an appointment with a Bowen Therapist for my Husband. He had been suffering from a chronic back problem which had worsened and left him walking hunched. We had expended lots of energy on various treatments until then but without any lasting effect. On reflection this was a pivotal decision that has since helped us enjoy a normal life once again.

Surprisingly after completing his first session he walked out with a perfectly straight back. He could feel the pain had almost completely subsided and his legs felt relaxed. We had both witnessed that this was indeed a remarkable therapy, the effectiveness of pressing specific points on the back and legs between periods of rest had such wonderful and lasting results.

This inspired me in wanting to become a Bowen Practitioner. I knew immediately that this was the profession for me where I could make a difference and help those experiencing difficulties. I was perfectly right and have never since looked back.

Prior to becoming a Bowen Practitioner I was a Biology teacher. Teaching had always brought me great personal satisfaction, and now I get this and much more by seeing my patient's improve with incredible results.

During one of the Bowen courses a colleague told me "I have had many jobs until now, but this is what really suits me the best", I couldn't have expressed my own feelings any better, "I felt the exact same".

I have always believed that when a professional is passionate about what they do results will appear, and this is why I invite you to try this therapy. Like me it may turn out to be a life changing decision.

So you know more about me I'd like to share my professional experience and qualifications;
- Diploma from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (the original Bowen school)
- Full member of the Bowen Association UK Specialist Post Graduate Bowen Courses Taken:
Practitioner Course (module 8)
Specialised Bowen Procedures SBP1 and SBP2 (modules 9 - 12)
- BA in Biology
- First Aid Certificate
- Full professional liability insurance cover